Black Friday, Cyber Monday... And then there was Subluxation Tuesday

Subluxation Tuesday

Traveling and preparing for that Thanksgiving feast, overindulging with Turkey and pumpkin pies, stores opening at 6PM for those early holiday sales, next comes Black Friday, then Small Business Saturday, not to mention traveling home on Sunday, followed by Cyber Monday!  Seems like there was not a moment to spare this last week with all the family events and shopping for the Christmas.  And for most people, life doesn’t stop here.  We’ve got kids to raise, jobs to do, and bills to pay before the next holiday. So what does that mean? Stress!

Did you know Tuesday had a special name as well?  My colleague, Dr. Scott, posted to our Facebook page today is Subluxation Tuesday (see the link below).  Our patients know it all too well that stress causes subluxations, and let’s face it that the holidays are stressful.   My guess is that most people reading this post have noticed their stress levels increase just in the last week.  Remember from my previous post that stress (physical, chemical, emotional) can cause subluxations and cause you to feel unhealthy.   It’s important to not forget about number one (you).  Don’t neglect what your body is telling you.  Symptoms are there to tell you something is wrong and to change/fix whatever is causing it.  Just like wheels on a car that are out of alignment, your body can be out of alignment, so listen to it.  Don’t forget about us this holiday season, we’ll be open most days this month to best serve you. 

Yours in health,

Dr. Bryan


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