Have you ever heard of the flu adjustment?

The year was 1918 when the great influenza pandemic known as the Spanish Flu struck and took the lives of many.  Older records estimate 500,000 lives were lost, while newer data suggests up to one million didn’t survive worldwide.   The medical profession was almost helpless with the methods and drugs available at the time, with many people turning to Chiropractic to help cure them. 

During the 1918 outbreak in Iowa (Chiropractic’s birthplace) medical doctors treated 93,590 influenza patients with 6,116 deaths (that’s one out of fifteen not surviving).  That same year in Davenport Iowa, Chiropractors treated 4,735 influenza patients losing only 6 to the battle, which equates to a loss of one out of 789! 

National statistics showed that 1,142 Chiropractors treated 46,394 patients for the 1918 outbreak with a loss of only 54 patients! 

Modern medicine now is a lot more advanced than it was one hundred years ago, and yes treats viral infections very well.  If you are truly ill you should go see your Medical Doctor.  However, it is widely known throughout the Chiropractic profession that regular adjustments boost the immune system.

It pains me when a patient cancels their appointment, because they are at home with a cold.  I can’t continue to stress the fact that we are here for much more than back and neck pain. Hopefully after reading this you understand that Chiropractic helps boost the immune system.  Our job is to free up the nerves of the body from any interference and the spine is the common culprit for this interference. By aligning the spine your body increases its performance. Because we are in the middle of the flu season it would be seriously advantageous to come in for your regular adjustment.

Yours in Health,

Dr. Bryan


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