Counting Cards is Now Legal- Kind Of.

Ok so go with me on this one: Chiropractic is like counting cards at Blackjack. If you've seen the movie 21 you notice that the plot is based primarily on the characters' ability to count cards, thus having a huge advantage while gambling. Their advantage does not insist that they win every time, but having this skill gives them the unfair advantage of winning. Now, we've all seen the part where the main actor gets beat up because, well, counting cards is illegal, and he is paying the consequences.
Chiropractic gives you the (not unfair) clear advantage in the realms of immune system performance i.e. NOT GETTING SICK. By increasing the performance of your body's nerve system via spinal adjustments, one increases their odds of fighting off common colds, viruses, bacteria and other nasty goobers that keep us down for the count. By staying adjusted we are more healthy. We are not guaranteed never to get sick or injured, but our odds are greatly increased and we can gamble better with the game of life, not Blackjack. Some of our patients think that since they are feeling better after getting adjusted that they are Superman/woman. While we are all celebrating your newfound mojo, keep in mind that stressors (physical, chemical, emotional) can still build up higher than your threshold. Translation: after being adjusted don't be naïve and start kissing pigs that have Swine Flu! In addition to a properly maintained nerve system, include other healthy habits like a balanced diet, exercise regularly, and take time to pray or meditate.
-Dr. Scott


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