You mean I should see a chiropractor when I don't have pain?

From time to time we get new patients that walk through our door that don’t have neck pain, don’t have back pain, and are actually quite healthy!  Now you may ask why would someone without back or neck pain come see a chiropractor?  It’s really simple: we take care of the nerve system, not pain or symptoms. That’s right, you don’t have to have “pain” to see a chiropractor.  For years, we have been known as back and neck pain specialists, because we get great results treating those kinds of complaints. But there is much more to what we can do for you! 

If you were to Google chiropractic benefits you might read, “improves digestive function, reduces stiffness, improves athletic function, reduces blood pressure, improves posture” and so on.  The simplest way I can put it is we screen for and treat nerve interference (subluxations) and correct them if we find them.  Imagine a pilot communicating with air traffic control as he lands. If there is static in his headset and he can’t interpret the message, will that affect the pilot? Sure. Will he be able to still land the plane? Quite possibly, but not as well as if he had perfect communication with the air control center. Chiropractic is similar where if there are subluxations present they could interfere with your body’s ability to function. This usually looks like symptoms but keep in mind that like cancer, heart disease, and diabetes, by the time symptoms arrive it’s been going on for a while and is tougher to treat.

The nerve system is what we work on, much like how a cardiologist works on hearts.  I like to compare seeing a chiropractor for regular checkups for subluxation (nerve interference) just like….

-going to the dentist for regular teeth checkups,

-going to the optometrist for regular eye checkups,

-going to the primary care physician for a general health checkups,

-taking your child in to the pediatrician for regular checkups…… You get the idea

Just like all the other medical professions, we offer these same types of services, but too often people don’t take advantage of it.  If you don’t suffer from back or neck pain, but would like a nerve system checkup (a chiropractic exam) give us a call.


Yours in Health,

Dr. Bryan


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